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Podcast: City Of The Future by Sidewalk Labs – (E01) Mass Timber

Podcast description from Sidewalk Labs: In the inaugural episode of City of the Future, we explore mass timber, an innovation that could allow for wooden skyscrapers — and completely transform the way we build our cities. A green, renewable resource engineered to be strong as steel, resistant to fire, and prefabricated (which means it can be assembled quickly on the construction site), mass

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Forests Face A Climate Tug-Of-War

Increased carbon dioxide allows plants to photosynthesize more and use less water. But warmer temperatures drive plants to use more water and photosynthesize less. So, which force, CO2 fertilization or heat stress, wins this climate tug of war? It depends on whether forests and trees are able to adapt to their new environment. Click HERE to link to the article.

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Governor Of Virginia Announces Conservation Grants To Protect 17,000 Acres

“These 17,000 acres of newly-conserved lands will generate tremendous benefits for the Commonwealth,” said Governor Northam. “We are protecting our precious natural resources, building resilience to climate change, and ensuring Virginia remains a great place to live, work, and visit.” Click HERE to link to the article.

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