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Using Tiny Bits of Trees to Save the Forest | Michael Goergen | TEDxWilmington

In this talk Michael Goergen discusses how to help forests and the environment. Michael Goergen joined the U.S. Endowment for Forestryand Communities (Endowment) in September of 2013 to lead the Public Private Partnership for Advanced Woody Biomaterials and Nanotechnology or P3Nano. He is committed to bringing cellulosic nanotechnology from the lab to commercialization, and is bringing together partners to accelerate

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Forests Face A Climate Tug-Of-War

Increased carbon dioxide allows plants to photosynthesize more and use less water. But warmer temperatures drive plants to use more water and photosynthesize less. So, which force, CO2 fertilization or heat stress, wins this climate tug of war? It depends on whether forests and trees are able to adapt to their new environment. Click HERE to link to the article.

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David Brand, CEO of New Forests, talks about SDG’s and Forestry

A new video from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development features David Brand (CEO, New Forests) speaking to the importance of forests as a natural climate solution. “Forest are particularly important in terms of climate change and there has been an increasing recognition that forests are going to need to be a significant part of the near term solution

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