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Wind Turbine Towers Built Using Wood

“Our calculations indicate that the 150 meter tower will reduce mass by about 30% and cut manufacturing costs by roughly 40% compared with an equivalent tubular steel tower with a 6-7 meter base diameter. And wood is a natural product that can often be sourced locally, creating local jobs and other added benefits.” — Chief Technical Officer Erik Dölerud ,

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Georgia’s Wood Industry Impacted By US/China Trade Challenges

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a nice piece on the impact the US/China trade war is having on the wood industry in Georgia.–regional/georgia-towering-wood-industry-whipsawed-trade-war-with-china/hd5KECU7VrSxdmYD0dP7CM/ Here are some statistics on private working forests as compiled by the National Alliance of Forest Owners (NAFO).

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