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David Brand, CEO of New Forests, talks about SDG’s and Forestry

A new video from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development features David Brand (CEO, New Forests) speaking to the importance of forests as a natural climate solution. “Forest are particularly important in terms of climate change and there has been an increasing recognition that forests are going to need to be a significant part of the near term solution

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The Sustainable Forestry Initiative Announces New Board Members

Three new board members are joining the SFI Board of Directors: Jad Daley, President and CEO, American Forest; Dr. Patricia Leyton, Director of Clemson University’s Wood Utilization + Design Institute and Professor of Forestry at Clemson University; and Jeff Bromley, United Steelworkers Wood Council Chair. Click HERE for a link to the press release. Photo:

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#TeamTrees is making a difference!

It’s a great initiative, which is spotlighting the wonderful benefits trees can provide to us as a global society. Regardless of your political lean, it’s hard to argue against timber. Take a look at the video below and get on board if you haven’t already. To participate in this initiative, simply navigate to Every dollar you donate, equals one

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